"A notable personal strength apparent in Robert is his sense of fairness and openness, putting a high priority on the relation ship between architect, builder and client to achieve the desired outcome. In management and negotiation of both construction and financial issues, Robert maintained a sense of fairness which is not possible to specifically write into a contract. This enabled a sense of trust to develop during the construction between builder, client and architect."
–Jade Vidal, Bower Architecture

"In both cases my clients requested a premium end product, and I can confirm that Robert was able to deliver excellent results. Robert has particular qualities, not always found in this industry. His interest in all aspects of the creative design process as well as his competence in building procedure has allowed him to confidently propose alternative design solutions to this designer."
–Russell Grainger, Russell Grainger Design Consultant

"Dear Robert, now that our project is drawing to a conclusion it remains for me to thankyou so very much for your extraordinary efforts at Farlie. Your grace under pressure, your eye for detail and your great building and administration skills were all surely tested on this project and the result speaks extremely well of your talents in each of these areas…"
–Peter Jopling

"I am pleased to say that we were extremely impressed with the standard of work carried out by Robert and his team. Robert obviously takes an immense pride in the quality of his work. This was evident not only in the standard of finish, which was excellent, but also in his constant liaison with us to discuss potential changes and improvements as the works proceeded."
–Marilyn and Louis Gross

"Robert's calm demeanour and good communication skills enables him to tackle difficult issues (that invariably occur during construction). He has shown a commitment to working through details in order to find practical solutions that also reflect the architectural intent."
–Luke Middleton EME Group

"Given that renovations are inevitably very stressful to owners, we have particularly appreciated Robert's personal qualities of good humour, honesty and integrity, which have minimised the usual pressures of such a difficult process. He has been extremely consultative and communicative each step of the way, he has related to us with a sense of calmness and openness, and he has been entirely trustworthy and honest in his interactions."
–R.A Rechner & W.C. Bunston